Technical Ad Ops

Who Are We?

Our mission is to bring online businesses to new levels of success with relevant traffic, customers, and global media. Our dedicated in-house staff put their expertise to use, to get results no other media company can.

Job description

As a Technical Ad Operations Manager, you will coordinate, monitor and manage all aspects of digital campaigns. You will perform technical QA of new features on our platforms, ensure appropriate tracking is in place for all relevant tasks, monitor campaign delivery and suggest optimization solutions to our team. You should be a trusted source of knowledge and guidance to the account management team, support them on technical issues and provide validation campaign tracking and integrations, deliver ongoing reporting and insights, alert on any technical failures and perform basic web and mobile QA for landing pages and web assets.  Work directly with VP marking on building.

Main requirements:

  • MS Excel proficiency- a MUST
  • 1-2 years of experience in Ad Operations/ Technical campaign management
  • Highly analytical and technology agnostic
  • Experience working with tracking platforms such as Cake, Voluum, Affise
  • Client-focused mindset, with a passion for using data and analytics to drive business results
  • A sense of urgency and ownership over our products
  • Ability to motivate people, while creating a reliable and committed teamwork atmosphere
  • Extensive background/experience in online marketing/media, QA, social media, affiliation
  • Technical orientation
  • Creative spirit, curious out of the box thinker, with the ability to work in a constantly changing, dynamic environment, and adapt to all situations
  • Research abilities. Knows how to research and find information, solutions and the relevant knowledge needed in various situations
  • Understanding of online content and user acquisition goals/metrics and how to achieve them
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Hebrew and English
  • Killer time management, organization and collaboration skills
  • Another language – Advantage
  • HTML/ CSS – Strong Advantage
  • Experience DSP and RTB/XML integrations- Advantage
  • Experience with Facebook and Google pixels- Advantage

Main responsibilities:

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  • Manage integrations and tracking between different BI, Tracking and adservers
  • Manage integrations of new partners on RTB/XML
  • Diagnose and solve ad serving problems
  • Perform hands on basic QA for webpages
  • Implement scripts/ pixels to create chains of event to optimal event management
  • Document and maintain digital ad campaign schedules
  • Assist Campaign management and media buying team with Trafficking
  • Document process to preserve company’s marketing knowledge base
  • Conduct testing on new platforms and products before they are widely implemented
  • Complete data entry and analysis functions as needed
  • Create costume reporting an manage scale reports for the overall marketing efforts
  • Provide technical QA support on ad serving as needed